Venerdì 15 Settembre

Forum of Peace in the Mediterranean
Centro Congressi La Nuvola – Rome
15 September 2023

  • Welcome and Opening
  • Flag ceremony
  • Institutional Greetings
  • The Dialogue of the Three Religions – The Challenge of the Mediterranean
    • Stefano Girotti Zirotti (Rai Vaticano) Round Table
    • Vincenzo Paglia (President of the Pontifical Academy for
      Life) Vatican
    • S.E Judge Mohammed Abdelsalam (President of the
      Muslim Council of Elders)
    • Noemi Di Segni (President of the Jewish Communities in
  • Women in Rotary Peace Agents – The Challenge of Mediterranean Culture
    • Nicki Scott (Past Vice President of Rotary International)
    • Sara Formisano (Rotary Foundation Peace Fellow)
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as a Peace Building Mechanism
    • Sybille Rupprecht (Rotary International Representative
      to the United Nations in Geneva)
  • Water and Peace – Immigration and Peace
    • Vincenzo Sanasi d’Arpe (WFP Italy Committee) World
      Food Programme
  • How to mediate in a multicultural society
    • Scott Martin (Fellow di Mediators Beyond Borders International)
  • Building a bridge across the CIP
    • Serge Gouteyron (Honorary President of the CIP)
  • Rotary’s Commitment to Peace – Building Positive Peace in the Mediterranean
    • Fergal McCarthy (Peace Programs Manager at Rotary
    • Ellina Kushnir Manager of Service and Engagement at Rotary International)

Centro Congressi La Nuvola – Rome
15 September 2023

09:30 Rotary International Director Alberto Cecchini

09:35 2023-2024 Rotary International President Gordon McInally

09:40 Past Rotary International President and Trustee Holger Knaack

09:45 E/MGA Maurizio Mantovani

09:50 Our fight against Polio Emma Groenen, End Polio Now Coordinator Region 22

10:05 Peace and Conflict Resolution Area of Focus – Peace Centers Lies van Wijngaarden, Peace Major Gifts Initiative Adviser

10:20 Disaster Response Fund: Earthquake in Turkey/Syria Emre Öztürk, Assistant Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator
Region 25

10:30 Water and Sanitation Area of Focus Bas Hendriksen, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Major Gifts Initiative Adviser

10:45 Disease prevention and treatment Area of Focus Giulio Bicciolo, Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator Zone 14

11:00 Coffee break

11:20 Disaster response Fund: The war in Ukraine Mykola Stebljanko, Ukrainian Regional
Magazine Editor

11:30 Case study: Global Grants in Lebanon (Basic Education, Water and Environment) Jamil Mouawad, Past Rotary
Coordinator Region 25, Ahmad Husseini, Assistant Regional Foundation Coordinator Region 25

11:45 Overview of Global Grants activities in our region Meredith Burlew, Director of Grants at The Rotary Foundation

12:00 Seminar conclusion Holger Knaack, Past Rotary International President and Trustee