03.00pm – 06.00pm Rome
Rotary Institute 2023 – Opening session (Conference Center La Nuvola)

• Opening ceremony and institutional welcome – Fabio Rossello (Chair)

• “Change means evolution
Alberto Cecchini (Rotary International Board Director – Convener)

• “Create hope in the world
Gordon McInally (Rotary International President)

• “Searching for an evolutionary course within the great age transition
Marco Guzzi (Poet and philosopher)

• “Energy transition: transforming our economic, industrial and social model. A smooth or tough

Gianni Di Giovanni (ENI China CEO)

• “Change to survive and thrive
Paolo Taticchi (UCL School of Management)

09:00am – 01:30pm Rome Rotary Institute 2023 –
Plenary session

  • Welcome greetings and introduction – Fabio Rossello (Chair)
  • Rotary action Plan – Brad Howard (Rotary International Past Board Director)


  • Agenda 2030. Goal 13: Promote action to combat climate change
    Moderator: Francesco Giorgino (Journalist)
    SPEECHES: Faiz Kidwai (Rotary International Board Director); Fiorella
    (Governatore Distretto 2072); Holger Knaack (Rappresentante Rotary
    Foundation); Chiara Cardoletti (UNHCR’s Representative for Italy)


  • Interview :Michael Sheldrick (Global Citizen Co-founder)
  • Creating awareness of our impact and our brand – Presentations of successful Rotary projects,
    Daniele Piervincenzi (Journalist)
  • Expanding our reach through Rotary Alumni – Alberto Domenighini
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion – Brian RUSCH (Rotary Club for Global Action)


  • Halve food waste by 2030 is possible, indeed it’s a must! Rotary’s commitment, from prevention to food devolution
    Moderator: Andrea Segrè (President of the Rotary District 2072 Zero Waste and Nutrition Education Committee – Scientific Director of Waste
    Watcher International)
    SPEECHES: Cristina Bowerman (Michelin-starred Chef); Anna Favero
    (District 2060 Governor); Andrea Belli (Head of Italian Media and External Relations – Gruppo Barilla); Massimo
    (Caritas – Focal point per Advocacy)


  • Mental health in the changing era
    “Stress and adaptation in the changing world: psychopathology and resilience” – Giuseppe Bersani
    (Former Professor of Psychiatry, Sapienza University, Rome – Fondazione Roma Sapienza)
    “New addictions: the Web, between bewilderment and bonding” – Ornella Corazza (Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Trento)
    “The temptation of individualism: isolation, narcis- sism and the recovery of a sense of sociality” – Michela
    (Guest Professor – Regina Apostolorum Athenaeum, Rome)
  • Rotary change model
    John HEWKO (Rotary International CEO and General Secretary)

01:30pm – 02:30pm Lunch

03:30pm – 05:30pm Workshop sessions (participants will be in groups of 10 together with a coach)

09:00am – 01:00pm Rome Rotary Institute 2023 –
Closing session

  • Introduction and overview of previous days – Fabio Rossello (Chair)
  • Working Group outcomes – Federica Thiene, Stefania Mantovani e
    Marcello Andria
  • Open forum: Gordon McInally (Rotary International President)
  • Rotary International financial updates
  • Polio, a challenge to overcome: Holger Knaack, Faiz Kidwai, Bashar

    Rotary beyond the club

    • 25th anniversary of German Rotary Volunteer Doctor – Jobst E. Isbary
    • Uno para la Palma – Sergio Almeida
    • Legalità and Rotary4Europe projects – Patrizia Cardone
    • New Generation Service Exchange (NGSE)- Luciano Di Martino
    • Rotaract MUN (Model United Nations) Salerno – Maria Vittoria Gargiulo
  • 100 years of Rotary Italia – Giulio Koch
  • Promoting the Rotary Institute 2024 – Hans-Hermann Kasten
  • Promoting the Singapore Convention – Jan Mittelstaedt
  • Closing remarks

01.00 pm Farewell lunch